About the Author

The author, Etta Brown, received her undergraduate degree from the Ohio State University with a major in Health Education. The Masters in Education degree was received at South Carolina State University with a major in Special Education. The Educational Specialist Degree was conferred at Kent State University with studies in School Administration, and a major in School Psychology.

Through her graduate programs, and internships, the author acquired skills with speech and language, visual-motor training, auditory training, and the teaching of reading and handwriting. During twenty years of professional experience in the public schools in Ohio, Iowa and California she has worked as a special education teacher, a School Social Worker and as a School Psychologist.

In retirement she continues to reach out to parents and children by fax, phone and email, as a Licensed Educational Psychologist providing advocacy services to parents and others who purchase the parent guide.

LEARNING DISABILITIES: Understanding the Problem, Managing the Challenges

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