Part One An introduction to the concept of learning disabilities and the Environmental Influences that Impact the Child's Ability to Learn

  1. Learning Disabilities
  2. Environmental Conditions Contributing to Learning Problems
  3. Immature Development
  4. Parenting: Lack of Nurturing, Abuse and Neglect
  5. Emotional Trauma
  6. Nutrition
  7. Sleep and Learning
  8. Toxic Metals

Part Two

A Definition and History of Special Education and the process of Determining Eligibility

  1. The Laws
  2. The Individualized Education Plan
  3. Educational Advocacy
  4. Tests and Testing
  5. Special Education Advocacy at its Best

Part Three

An exploration of processing disorders as required for a designation of learning disability with exhibited behaviors and recommended classroom accommodations

  1. Visual Processing
  2. Auditory Processing
  3. Sensori-Motor Integration
  4. Attention
  5. Attention Deficit Disorder

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